2023: Apostle Suleman advises Nigerians to protect their votes

Apostle Johnson Suleman, a well-known Nigerian clergyman and the President of Omega Fire Ministries, has told Nigerians to protect their votes in the 2023 general election.

The priest gave the advice on his official Twitter account, which was shared with reporters by Seunmanuel Faleye, a media reporter.

The Apostle also told Nigerians that they should make sure to vote in the general elections in 2023.

He said that protecting the votes is necessary to keep the election results from being rigged or changed in other ways.

Suleman said that Nigerians should all go to their polling places, vote, and then wait for the ballots to be counted and the results to be transmitted.

He told them to be careful and make sure they take pictures and write down everything that happens at the polling stations in case there is any fraud.

“This election will be a deciding factor for generations unborn; we have never had it so terrible, especially this past few weeks.

“Go to your polling unit and vote, wait for it to be counted, get it all captured and recorded, let’s see how they can lie to us with figures,” the Apostle wrote on Twitter.

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