Benue 2023: Hyacinth Alia lauds APC national leadership over re-run primaries

Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for governor in Benue State, has praised the national leadership of the APC for how well the re-run primaries went last week, which made him the party’s candidate for governor.

The candidate for governor also thanked the party members for coming out to support him. He said that the support he got during the primary election showed that the people of Benue would do whatever it takes to fix the state.

In a statement signed by Kula Tersoo, Director General of the Alialization-Alia/Ode campaign organisation, and given to in Makurdi on Monday, Alia said that the exercise was a warning to those who want to get in his way.

He said, “You have once more demonstrated your readiness to go the whole hog to ensure Benue must be fixed and your children’s future is thoroughly prepared.

“You spoke very loudly and confirmed your earlier stand that I must fly the flag of our party, the APC.

“The enthusiasm and determination you depicted at your various wards during the exercise have sent a message deep inside the minds of those who want to stand in the way of an idea whose time has come.

“I am proud of you. You have, by that outing, assured me that the task must be accomplished. Benue must be redeemed and made great again.”

He said he was moved by the massive show of love and support, and he won’t take it for granted. He also said that the act will make him want to do more.

The candidate for governor thanked everyone involved in the Alialization project, the people of the countryside, and the media for working together and making sacrifices to bring Benue to the edge of a new day.

He said that he was well-prepared and ready to lead the way to free the people of the state, who have been traumatised by hunger, illness, and poverty caused by bad leadership that has purposely kept them from getting their legal rights and basic needs.

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